EGPiS Pilot Projects are working well

EGPiS Pilot Projects are working well

Very recently Malin and Tomas from Värmlalnds Sport Federation, our project partner from Sweden, have had a meeting to discuss the summary of the "skype meetings" that they made last June, with the partners from England, Turkey, Italy and Czech Republic that are developing the Pilot Project Activities, our swedish partner is the organization responsible for the pilot projects strategy.



The short summary on activities in each of the countries shows that all the pilot projects are working well but with some adjustments to the local context, for example, in Turkey in the Çatalca District Directorate of National Education, they had 50 girls divided in two groups, all the girls have between 13-17 years old and they all belong to the same school, the activities are developed on Saturdays and Sundays and frequently they like to privilege outdoor physical activities.

The Italian partner (ENDAS) developed a very cool idea called "Play EGPiS" that reach around 2000 school girls from 3 different regions. They play a kind of regional tournament in team sports like volleyball, basketball, handball and rugby, the winning team of each region will meet the other regional champions in the national tournament. They also promote a “social media” competition were girls and their teams have to upload small videos, the 4 topics at the social media competition are: the woop #EGPISWOOP, the most beautiful action #EGPISACTION, the exultation and the #EGPISEXULT ballet on finalizing its #EGPISDANCE song. These sport activities are offered 2 times per week during summer vacations.


Fly Ioga For Girls EGPiS

In England, the Access to Sport Project have activities for two different groups with the duration of one hour/twice a week, they have around 50 girls involved in the Pilot Project and one of the groups have sport activities in the afternoon/evening and the other have activities at school. The activities will be offer during all this summer.

In the Czech Republic, our partner Hranice Development Agency have around 80 girls involved in physical activities like pool dancing and fly yoga, both activities will be available for girls during all this summer.


EGPiS Pilot Project

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