EGPiS2 has started

EGPiS2 has started

We are happy to announce that EGPiS2 has been granted support from European Commission, under programme Erasmus+.

The project Encouraging girls’ participation in sports - 2, EGPiS2, was born in the wake of the success of the homonymous previous project EGPiS. Both projects are financed by the European Commission in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme.

In the past 2 years EGPiS project has investigated the barriers that prevent girls from practicing sports and have developed, tested and assessed a common methodology aimed at overcoming the mentioned barriers.

EGPiS2 will deepen some crucial aspects that were brought to light from the first project.

For more information about project:

With EGPiS2, the partnership has been extended to other 2 organizations - Bulgarian Sports Development Association and Latvian Sports Federations Council.

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