National Event in Italy

National Event in Italy

Perugia in Italy hosted, in last 26th of January, the EGPiS Project "National Event".

More than 110 girls, from 7 diferent schools, participate in this event.

The organization resposible for the event was ENDAS, the EGPiS Project Coordinator. They call this this event “#PlayEgpis” and the girls compete in a team sport called “Tchoukball”, because all idea was to have fun they have the chance to played Volleyball and also Basketball.~

The EGPiS Project awarded the girls who have distinguished themselves by: "the spirit of fair play", "active participation", "solidarity" and "team spirit", with 13 tickets tickets to attend the Champions League Volleyball match between Perugia and Ankara in the 1st of March 2017.

The tickes to this amazing match have been offered by Sir Safety Perugia Volleyball Club).


Check the #PlayEGPiS event vídeo:

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