logo EndasE.N.D.A.S. (Ente Nazionale Democratico di Azione Sociale – National Democratic Institution of Social Action) is a non-profit association whose origins date to 1949; since 2002 it is an independent organization legally recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.).


Çatalca District Directorate of National EducationCOLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP

catalcais a non-profit public institution which is responsible for administration and organization of all educational activities conducted by schools within the Çatalca district of İstanbul. It is affiliated to Ministry of Education and responsible for the supervision of the public and private educational system, agreements and authorizations under a national curriculum. Among its main activities figure administration, supervision and satisfying the physical and financial needs of the schools, assignment of teachers and planning all educational activities in the region.


The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP

logo_tepak_150x148_2was established by law in December 2003, and enrolled its first students in September 2007. It is a new, public, and independent University and has set high values concerning its academic character, legal status, organizational and administrative structure; it is characterized by its high level procedure for staff selection, and its relationship with the state.


Hranice Development Agency - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP
HRA_logo_velkeis an interest group focused to be an executive and service ground for implementation of development strategies of Hranice region. Their main fields of interests are tourism growth, cooperation among the towns, entrepreneurs, associations in the region, educating, informing and advising during the preparation and implementation of projects and using the funds, following realization of project activities like workshops, seminars, meetings, study visits etc. Hranice Development Agency supported over 60 projects funded from the Structural Funds since 2005.


Värmlands Sport Federation - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP
vif_logga_CMYKfarg_ubakgrund (kopia)is one of the 21 regional federations for sport and sports related education belonging to the Swedish National Sport Confederation. VIF SISU has approximately 100 000 individual members belonging to the 70 different sports associations.


The Access to Sports Project - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP

logo Access to sport projectis a London based sports development charity delivering progressive and sustainable sports projects for children, young people and adults from disadvantaged areas and areas of urban regeneration. The work we do is targeted at people who face multiple levels if disadvantage and sport is the tool that we use to find ways in which we can improve peoples' quality of life.


municipio de mirandelais a dynamic Municipality with lots of sport activities; which makes the County a reference in sports in the Northeast of Portugal. Since 1996, their City hosts annually National and International events like the European Jet Ski Championship. The unique conditions of their river make this City one of the most highly regarded and prestigious places to compete at international level in this sport, it is known at international level as the Jet Ski Capital of Europe.


Latvian Sports Federations Council - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP

is non-governmental foundation created in 1993 with the purpose of uniting all recognized sport federations in Latvia, to function as an umbrella organization and also in order to strengthen capacities of sport federations to achieve their goals in sport.


Bulgarian sports development association - COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP

was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria.