logo EndasE.N.D.A.S. (Ente Nazionale Democratico di Azione Sociale – National Democratic Institution of Social Action) is a non-profit association whose origins date to 1949; since 2002 it is an independent organization legally recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.).

ENDAS can count on over 300.000 members all over Italy. More than 900 volunteers in 20 Italian Regions and in 105 Provinces develop its activities, with more than 4.000 centres on the national territory.

ENDAS operates on a national and international level through amateur sports associations and societies; cultural, social, recreational, environmental, travel and leisure clubs; social co-operatives, social enterprises, foundations, non-profit organization affiliates and delegations established for that purpose.

ENDAS can thus successfully and tightly interact with the social environment in which it is immersed thanks as well to the considerable preparation and dynamism of its management, both at national and local level, in terms of organization and coordination, and thanks to a potential internal and external communication able to reach and engage all areas of interest of the organization.

ENDAS has become a stable point of reference in the panorama of Italian associations. It is claimed and continues to perform its function in order to develop and consolidate a conscious participation of the citizens in the life of the Republic, encouraging a democratic participation and involvement in the country’s civil society processes. This aim commits the agency to take actions that foster sociability in full respect of the human person.

Tenaciously pursuing this ideal, ENDAS promotes, without any profit, sports, cultural, educational, welfare, tourism and recreational activities, programs for environmental and civil protection.


ENDAS can count on about 2.000 sports associations. It is one of the most important organizations at national level able to spread the culture of sport among people; it develops projects and activities both at national and international level, dealing agreements with international associations (golf, rugby and football with Argentina associations).

ENDAS believes in the social value of sport and its mission is to promote sport as a tool for the complete development of the individual; to protect the well-being and health of citizens and encourage their full participation in the life of the community to which they belong. Through sport, ENDAS tries to answer the perceived needs and challenges such as social inclusion (in particular of women), youth empowerment, environmental protection and sustainable development.

The projects carried out in the field of sports in the past years were mainly focused on youngsters, developing actions to promote an active lifestyle and to avoid early sports abandonment. ENDAS, in close contact with the sports federations, has therefore worked in the involvement of young people aged 6 to 18 years, to practice amateur highly socializing activities, both mass sports like athletics, football, cycling, fitness, swimming, volleyball, and disciplines little valued and practiced (also due to the lack of interest that the mass media have placed in them) such as archery, table tennis, dance, sports, gymnastics.