Hranice Development Agency

is an interest group focused to be an executive and service ground for implementation of development strategies of Hranice region. Their main fields of interests are tourism growth, cooperation among the towns, entrepreneurs, associations in the region, educating, informing and advising during the preparation and implementation of projects and using the funds, following realization of project activities like workshops, seminars, meetings, study visits etc. Hranice Development Agency supported over 60 projects funded from the Structural Funds since 2005.

HRA supports sport in general – firstly they provide services of project preparation and financing for projects focusing on development of sport opportunities in region (building of the multipurpose playground in Lipná, building the infrastructure of bike paths, modernization of sport area in Teplice – badminton hall, equipment of the diet-fitness centre and many more).

On the other hand, HRA closely cooperates with several sports associations: In the town of Hranice there perform girl’s and women’s floorball team which is very promising ( The floorball club Teiwaz consists of men and women section. Even women section has 5 divisions – juvenile under 9 years old, juvenile (9–14), juniors (14–17), juniors (17–19), ladies (19+). The junior section became very progressive in the last years and plays junior girl’s floorball league on regional level. Furthermore, Hranice Development Agency collaborates with two primary schools (children aged 12-16 in second grade) from Hranicko region. Both schools have a strong interest in sport activities among youngsters.