Mirandela Municipality

municipio de mirandelais a dynamic Municipality with lots of sport activities; which makes the County a reference in sports in the Northeast of Portugal. Since 1996, their City hosts annually National and International events like the European Jet Ski Championship. The unique conditions of their river make this City one of the most highly regarded and prestigious places to compete at international level in this sport, it is known at international level as the Jet Ski Capital of Europe.

They also host annually international Kickboxing events since late 80’s and have World Champions in this sport that live and practice in the City. They have the oldest sports club in their region and the sports movement exists since the beginning of the XX century.
Mirandela Municipality has several athletes who had represented the National Teams in sports such as Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Kickboxing, Field Hockey, Athletics, Chess and Adapted Sports.

In Table Tennis they are a national reference, and the local club has individual champions and lots of collective championships. This season their senior female team in Table Tennis has a big chance to win its 10th National Championship in a row and make history in this sport in their country. The Municipality works frequently with 26 sport organizations such as National Federations, Regional Associations and Local Clubs. They have 21 different sports and 865 official athletes signed in the National Federations.

Since 2009 the Mayor implemented an internal change in the organization and created a unit that manages sports locally. Almost instantly they saw improvements in their service to support sport organizations, facilities management and events management. They also increase and diversify the sports offer in what is known in Europe as “sport for all”. Because of the vast experience in hosting local, national and international sport events, one of the strengths of the Municipality are operations, logistics and the ability to solve problems.
Mirandela Municipality has over 300 employees, 16 of them work in full time in the sport unit.