“The legendary second meeting”

“The legendary second meeting”

The second meeting of EGPiS Project “Encouraging Girls’ Participation in Sports” had place in Rome in the past 12th and 13th November.

Vista da Sala do CONI

All the project partners attended in to this second meeting and the two working days took place in the CONI headquarters (the Italian Olympic Committee) which is located in the historic and magnificent “foro italico”.

The meeting agenda had various topics, one of the most important was the presentation of the survey results applied in each country and the presentation of the work packge number two, we also had the opportunity to discuss the financial, the management and the communication plans with the coordinator and all the project partners.

It was visible that exists a very good team chemistry between all the partners and this fact is contributing a lot to the success of this project.

The “legendary second meeting” in Rome finish with the Olympic Stadium Tour were all the partners can visit the stadium and also the locker rooms of two of the best football teams in Italy, the AS Roma and the SS Lazio.

EGPiS - team

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