The next meeting is coming…

The next meeting is coming…

In the next 12th and 13th November all roads lead to Rome: the eternal city, the first metropolis, one of the birthplaces of the western civilization. The Capital of Italy, with 3 million inhabitants and 3000 years of history, is an authentic open-air museum which annually receives 10 million tourists and will host the second meeting of the Erasmus+ Project "Encouraging Girls' Participation in Sports".
The two days of work will take place in at the CONI headquarters in the "Foro Italico".

The "Foro Italico" was founded in 1932 under the name "Foro Mussolini" in honor of Benito Mussolini an unavoidable figure in world history.


EGPiS Rome

The "Foro Italico" is a truly impressive Sports Complex that is home of numerous sport venues like the the Olympic Stadium, the Swimming Center, the Tennis Stadium and the magnificent Marble Stadium. This complex received in 1960 the Rome Olympic Games and for several years has hosted and still receive many other world-class sports events.

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