The Pilot Project in Çatalca/Turkey

The Pilot Project in Çatalca/Turkey

After the 3rd Steering and Expert Committee Meeting in Istanbul, our Turkish partner started the Pilot Project recruitment activities in Çatalca, the first recruited volunteered has been the Sportsmen and PE Teachers who will help to coordinate and carry out the Pilot Project. The candidates are volunteers and most of them had known the EGPiS Project in the briefing organized by our local partner in the İTO Secondary and Çatalca Anatolian High School.

EGPiS Pilot Project50 local girls have been recruited to participate in Pilot Project activities. After the recruitment has finished a guideline and the working schedule of the Pilot Project were prepared by the coaches and the project expert. According to this schedule, between April and August, they developed and organize more outdoor activities because after a long winter most of the girls wanted to participate in outdoor activities. Track and Field, Athletics, Trekking, Cycling and Bocce activities were taken into consideration for that purpose and the in last two months were dedicated to practice more indoor volleyball.

EGPiS Catalca VoleyballEvery Friday our partner organized a meeting hour in the conference hall and evaluated the previous trainning session with the girls, in these short meetings enabled them to see the efficiency of the program and gave them chance to modify our training programs according to girl’s needs and wishes.
For example, in the beginnings there were some drills that forced our girls too much and after some complaints we removed that kind of exercises and put simpler ones instead. This was one of the keys form success of the Pilot Project in Çatalca, one good result of this project at local level was that our major stakeholder the Çatalca Basketball Club’s Girls Team couldent find hours for training in the local sport facilities but after they became members of our Pilot Project Çatalca National Education Directorate gave them permission to use extra-hours in the available school gyms to have more practice time and they are still using this opportunity for the development of the club girls teams.

EGPiS Catalca BocceThe coup attempt in July 2016 marked a little turning point in the families daily life and in the pilot project also, because some parents had afraid and don’t let the girls to go outdoors to participate in sport activities. After this our partner regrouped the girls and started to practice indoors in the school gym because is more safe for everybody, they start to develop activities like Volleyball, Basketball and Bocce.

The girls still ask when the project will continue go outside and make again some outdoor activities like cycling because they really enjoy.

We can say that the Çatalca EGPiS Pilot Project created awareness in the local community about the important need to encouraging girls participation in sport.

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