The Pilot Project in Hranice/Czech Republic

The Pilot Project in Hranice/Czech Republic

For the development and implementation of the Pilot Project in Hranice our partners from the Czech Republic had in consideration the results on the first survey.

Project Presentation Hranice

They get involved in the Pilot Project 80 girls from Hranice and 3 local stakeholders: the Hranice Youth Centre, the Technical and Medical School and the Phoenix Studio.

They also get involved a very powerful national stakeholder the Olomouc University, that give support to the girls in the project with the Sport Science Lab of the Faculty of Physical Culture, making body composition analyses and measurements to all participants, before and after the development of Pilot Project activities.

Local sport events have been organized during this period of time, particularly a local public presentation of the leisure and sport activities developed in the Town o Hranice were the EGPiS Pilot Project was also represented.

Girls Cheer EGPiS

During the Pilot Project, every week, the girls involved in the EGPiS Project at Hranice can practice non competitive physical activities like Pole Dance and Fly Ioga at the Phoenix Studio. Just outside of the school and at also in the Physical Education classes at the school, girls can also practice other sports that help them to realise that sport and physical activity it’s really fun and help them to build the spirit of belonging to a group of young people that enjoy to be all together, have wonderful moments and make friends.

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