The Pilot Project in Italy

The Pilot Project in Italy

For the development and implementation of the Pilot Project in Italy, ENDAS our project coordinator have an approach more connected with the local and regional schools. They invite the target group girls and her parents to workshops were the can explain what are the project goals and how they will develop this project in the local and regional schools.

EGPiS Italy Perugia

According to some experts in the sports field, it was preferable not to repeat most practiced sports by girls’ like basketball or volleyball, to avoid a repetition of already stored patterns, and avoid space problems because the gyms are already full of these kind of activities. With little practiced disciplines it is easier to eliminate competition and some can be also practiced in sport facilities with less equipment.

They call the Pilot Project in Italy “Play EGPiS” and the idea was to make a non-formal competition between the schools in “tchoukball”. In some of the schools girls also play volleyball and basketball, but in Umbria Region the schools give more importance to “tchoukball” and “pallatamburello”.

A total of five schools and two sport clubs get in evolved in this pilot project.

The most positive thing about this pilot project is that the initiative will continue at schools even after the “Play EGPiS” national event.

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