The Pilot Project in London/UK

The Pilot Project in London/UK

Our Partner, the Access to Sports Project, develop a fun, flexible, focial focused programme in North London.

Girls-Only Access to Sports Project EGPIS

Like in other partner countries they target girls between 13 and 17 years old and they have implemented a minimum of two times a week physical activity and sport sessions. They delivered these sessions in key locations like Schools, Leisure & Sport Centres and Youth “Hubs”.


Girls can participate in sports and physical activities like: Basketball, Netball, Archery, Dance, Yoga, use the Gym and many more other activities.

They also connect this pilot project with some other programs offer by them like the “Fun Fit Females” and all the participant get rewards after participate in eight sessions.

In total they get involved in this Pilot Project over 150 girls from North London.

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